Founded in 1984 by Judy Wilfong and still locally owned and operated. We sell, design, measure, deliver and install all types of window treatments for residential and commercial customers. All window treatments and bedding are custom made in the USA. We also offer reupholstery, color consultation and design consultation.

We are extremely service oriented. All sales are conducted in the comfort of your home or office. Our philosophy is that colors and patterns must be viewed in the lighting and room in which they are to be used in order to attain superior results.

Judy Wilfong

  1. President of Windows & Walls

  2. AAS Degree

  3. Interior Decorating Career Studies Certificate

  4. Master level Window Fashions Certified Professional

  5. 2007 National Winner of the Window Fashions Designs Competition

  6. 2006 Exciting Windows Business Owner of the Year

  7. 2006 Exciting Windows Sales Leader of the Year

  8. 2004 "Elite Style" Award from WFCP

  9. 1998 National Winner of the Window Fashions Designs Competition

  10. Member of the Winchester-Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

  11. 2008 National Design Winner of Exciting Windows Design Competition

Work Published

  1. Window Fashions - April 1988

  2. Drapery and Window Covering - Oct. 1996

  3. Window Fashions - April 1998

  4. Drapery and Window Covering - Sept. 1998

  5. Window Fashions - Oct. 2001

  6. Drapery and Window Covering - Oct. 2001

  7. Drapery and Window Covering – February 2008

President and Author, CEO of Windows & Walls

Judy Wilfong

Book Review: It's Your Business; It's Your Future
by Elizabeth H. Cottrell

It's Your Business It's Your Future: Success Can be Yours! 

A business reference guide by Judy Day Wilfong

If ever there were a primer for small business owners to beef up their customer relations and business development skills, this is it. Refreshingly honest and chock full of useful and practical examples to illustrate every point, author Judy Wilfong is speaking from experience. She is founder and president of New vision Windows & Walls, Inc., a successful decorating business she has managed for over 28 years. She has more recently been a business advisor and teacher to business owners across the country, and she shares the core of her teaching in this small, easy-to-digest book.

Amidst the tide of books about using technology to build customer relationships (relationship marketing), Ms. Wilfong's book goes back to the basics of three areas critical to any small business: 1) Customers and Relationships; 2) Effective and Efficient Communication; and 3) Handling Problems and Conflict. In each, she covers several key areas that small business owners encounter on a regular basis, ranging from building an excellent reputation, the importance of body language and listening skills to contracts, expectations, and when to let a customer go.

Her examples are sometimes cautionary tales about the consequences of mistakes made. Other times they are shining examples of things that were done right. In both cases, they turn what could be a dry textbook into an experiential learning lab where lessons are understood and internalized.


Serving Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties

All sales are conducted in the comfort of your home or office

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