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Green Design

The world of window treatments is in the realm of eco-friendly green design with energy efficient shades, recycled and recyclable blinds, low VOC shadings and environmentally responsible fabrics that are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.

New Earth Friendly Organic Cotton Fabrics perfect for upholstery as well as draperies.

Green Design Products & Terms:

  • Greengaurd Certification is a requirement reference in the Leadership for Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) for Commercial Interiors Rating System. This certification ensures that the chemicals and particles indoor emissions meet acceptable indoor air quality pollutant guidelines and standards.
    - Woodland Harvest Wood Shutters by Lafayette
    - Wood Venetian Blinds by Lafayette
    Energy Star- These products are also American-Made
  • Window Shadings
    - PVC Free
    - 100% Recyclable
    - Greenguard Certified
  • Energy Star
    - Comfortex Energy Smart Cellular Shades
    - These are the ONLY cellular shades recognized by Energy Star.
    - Theses shades will help to lower your homes fuel consumption.
  • Recyclable Products:
    - Beautiful Decorative Fabrics
    - Wood Blinds & Shutters
    - Faux Wood Blinds
    - Window Shading

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Serving Winchester Frederick and Clarke Counties

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