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Keep The New Look
"The designer's choice in stain protection"
Helps Keep The Fresh New Look

The Problem...
Stains and deep soiling threaten the life and look of your new Fabrics. It happens in every home. An active family and pets all contribute to the problem of ugly stains on carefully selected carpets and upholstery fabrics. In a moment of time, the work of many hours of selecting just the correct combination of color and texture, not to mention the cost in time and materials, may be ruined by a simple spill.

The Attempted Solution...
Scrub with a damp cloth. Rub in every available cleaning solution. Cry, fume, fuss and swear to no avail. That fabric is ruined.

The Real Solution...
Many years of advancement in science and technology now provide you with a new multi-action fiber lock system. This means you'll have a soil and stain release along with a fiber coating to block ultraviolet and sun fading.
Fabri-tech Plus penetrates deep into each fiber providing permanent protection. Both natural and new synthetic fibers are made stronger, extending the life of your investment.

What About Those Others?
Most mill or factory treatments are temporary. Even the name brands don't have the protection ability of Fabri-tech Plus advanced protection.

Protecting resin penetrates deep into the core of the fibers. Fabri-tech Plus not only coats the outside, it saturates the whole fiber leaving strong, lasting protection against liquid spills and potential stains.

These resins set up hard and can not be removed with normal cleaning. This permanent protection extends the life of the fiber and creates a soil and stain release which makes cleanup easier. Filters provide protection from ultraviolet rays, giving color a longer life.

What about Fabri-tech?
Fabri-tech Plus
fabric protector offers the most advanced protection on the market.

  • Repels all water and oil based stains

  • Protects against anything you eat and drink

  • Contains active ingredients to screen your furnishings from damaging ultraviolet sun rays

Fabri-tech Plus prolongs and strengthens fabric life.

It will not affect the feel, color or breathability of fabrics or leave a residual odor.

Fabri-tech Plus makes cleaning easy and less expensive.

This formula is effective on clothing, carpeting, upholstery, bedding, drapery, autos and RV's.

Environmental Importance for Home and Office...
Fabrics and carpets have been treated with protectants for many years. Now almost all dealers provide protection treatments for their customers. After application, Fabri-tech Plus dries leaving two types of resin for protection. These resins are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Fabri-tech Plus is odorless and will not change the feel of your fabric and carpeting. Your family and pets can sleep safe and sound with Fabri-tech Plus protection on your furnishings.

Fabri-tech Plus is not sold in aerosol cans. The product is applied with specially designed spray equipment by professionally trained personnel. This assures safe and thorough application for your protection to work as intended.

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