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Helpful Tips Of Previous Months
December Tip Of The Month
  Keep family photos confined to bedrooms and family rooms.
November Tip Of The Month
  Today, details are where it's at for furniture and window treatment, things such as trim, buttons, jewelry, upholstery, nail heads and assets add interest and individuality.
October Tip Of The Month
  Cellular shades can cut your heating bill by as much as 40%.
September Tip Of The Month
  For added work surface lighting in the kitchen add under the cabinet lighting.
August Tip Of The Month
  Kitchens and dining areas tend to be all hard surfaces , therefore add rugs, placemats, and chair pads to add a soft, comfortable mood.
July Tip Of The Month
  To add punch to a solid colored sofa add decorative throw pillows in an animal skin fabric or ethnic print.
June 2002
  To add height to a short window, mount the valence 5 or 6 inches above the window.
May 2002
  To add punch to a boring room, paint it a daring color.
April 2002
  Cordless window shades, chordless pleated shades, and chordless mini blinds are best for homes with small children due to safety concerns.
March 2002
  Today's trend is more color, brighter color and moresophisticated color for the home.
February 2002
  Natural shades made of bamboo, wood, grasses, and reeds are extremely popular right now.

January 2002
  Alway use more than one pattern in a room to promote character and interest.

December 2001
  Alway use more than one pattern in a room to promote character and interest.
November 2001
  Place lighting to the left of your shoulder for adequate reading light.
October 2001
  Mirrors can visually enlarge a space but they must cover a large area of wall to do it.
September 2001
  The hottest window treatment products in the country right now are shutters and 2 inch wood blinds.
August 2001
  By changing accessories and throw pillows you can bring a room up to date.
July 2001
  A successful focal point(center of interest) guides the eye to focus in on it as you enter the room.
June 2001
  When you distribute colors remember not to use even amounts. Always establish a dominate color.
May 2001
  Good color flow throughout the home means you never have an abrupt change in the color schemes from room to room buy you do change the dominating color reducing monotony.
April 2001
  Before purchasing window treatments consider your needs such as light control, privacy, insulation and aesthetics.
March 2001
  Always think of the furniture as the boss over the accessories. Pictures or art groupings should not be larger than the furniture.
February 2001
  One of the best starting points in decorating is the selection of a leading pattern such as a wallpaper, fabric, bedspread, etc.
January 2001
  Every home should be comfortable and functional...otherwise it cannot be beautiful.
April 2000
  Never mix formal and informal moods when trying to decorate eclectically.
March 2000
  Lay small area rugs such as accent rugs or orientals to distinguish conversation areas, distract from existing carpet if in disrepair and strengthen the decor style.
February 2000
  Always check color samples in the same type of lighting that they will be used in.
January 2000
  Always remove the plastic covering from your lamp shades. Lamp shades can usually be cleaned.
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